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Walk In Bathtub – 46x26x38 SAFETYPro Spa Series

46x26x38 SAFETYPro Spa Series
Walk In Bathtub – 46x26x38 SAFETYPro Spa Series
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SAFETYPro Spa Series Whirlpool & Air Jetted Small Left or Right Walk-in Tub is designed to fit in the smallest of spaces, this compact yet spacious bathtub is 26" wide, 46" long, and a luxurious 3' deep. So even a small bathroom can accommodate this walk in tub, allowing you to soak comfortably and completely. The massage of the 6 hydrotherapy jets and 18-air jets along with SAFETYPro's inline heating system will allow you to enjoy your SAFETYPro Walk-in Tub as long as you choose. And, the SAFETYPro Whirlpool & Air Jetted Small Left Walk-in Tub is meticulously jetted, assembled, and tested here in the United States ensuring the finest quality and detail. It is these extra steps that ensure you will enjoy your SAFETYPro Walk-in Tub from the moment you step into it.





Walk In Bathtub Features
  • All Tubs Come in Either Left or Right Hand Models
  • Deck Mounted Hand Held Shower
    The handy deck mounted hand held shower allows for easier bathing. The hand held showerhead mounts to the deck of the tub and comes with enough extension hose to comfortably shower while remaining seated.
  • Safety Grab Bar
    The Safety Grab Bar provides additional stability while entering, seated or exiting the walk-in bathtub. It is convenient located allowing for easy access.
  • Inline Heat System
    The inline heat system enables the individual to enjoy the Walk-in Bath Tub for as long as he or she chooses. Unlike other manufacturers our system provides the inline heat system standard on all its walk-in bath tubs.
  • Air and Hydro Therapy Jet System
    The 21-air jets gently massage nearly every inch of your body, while the 6 hydrotherapy jets provide a more brisk pulse pinpointing tension points. The air and hydrotherapy systems can be isolated or operated simultaneously.
  • Master Touchpad Control Panel
    The Walk-in Bath Tub's responsive Master Touchpad Control Panel ensures a consistently enjoyable bathing experience.
  • Door Mounted Towel Rack
    The Walk-in Bath Tub arrives with a convenient towel rack located on the exterior of the entry door. Individuals enjoy the comfort of an inviting towel as he or she exits the Walk-in Bath Tub.