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What we do

Our goal at Senior SAFETYPro is to provide a service and product line that not only insures the safest bathroom and home environment, we also try to do each project with a sense of style so our Clients are comfortable and still proud of their home. Our material choices are modern, easy to keep clean and very stylish. We want to avoid the commercial or sterile look in order to keep it homey.

How we do it

Once the project is approved all of the materials necessary to do the installation are ordered, received and inspected prior to starting the job. Once the project is started we stay on the job and do not go to other installations. We also only do this specific type of work so we are focused on our Clients projects, we do not do kitchens, roofing or swimming pool installs like a lot of contractor do when they pull off small jobs start bigger ones to secure the big deposits.

Who does it

We do each installation in house with our own company trained installers, we don't sub out our work to 3rd party contractors. Each job is performed with a senior technician on site a large majority of the time. Our staff all speak fluent English and are very versed with our system and what we are trying to accomplish.

How it works

Our System is designed to make the process as simple as possible and that is why the website and all of our Literature has pricing listed with each job we do. We do not employee high pressure Sales People who come in and try to obtain as much money for the job as they can while they keep reducing the price based on phony discounts and their Favorite "I can only offer this price today and you need sign the contract now to take advantage of this Deal". Our Pricing is straight forward, we do not do "Estimates", we write a Quote and we honor our price. Our quotes are detailed listing exactly what we have promised to deliver not vague sheets with a simple "Tear out tub install shower and surround" and then a whole page of small fine print on the other page.

Our promise - The project will be Done Right, On Time and A Great Experience

E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversion
Budget Cut E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversion
Senior SAFETYPro Shower Bench Installation