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Our main goal is to Keep you in Your Home, Safely and in Style

The concept for Senior SAFETYPro has evolved over the last 19 years, from our early days as bathtub and counter top refinishing experts to major Bathroom Renovation Contractors along with a stint in the Franchising business to where we are today. We see a great demand for in home Senior Safety products and services and we have decided to focus on this particular market. We also own and operate which is our Nationwide Company that offers our E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversions across the company through a network of Company trained employees and Licensed Dealers.

Our Business
Our service and product offering are tailored to create a safe and secure home environment —
for you to stay in your home while not converting the house to an institutional looking place. With our Tub to Shower Conversions and other great options we can keep the prices well with in your budget. We can do just a few grab bars, a Tub to Shower Conversion or completely renovate the bathroom from the ground up, whatever you need.

The Founders

Founder, Sherry Foose
Steve & Sherry Foose
The basis for this company actually started when Sherry purchased a bathtub and tile refinishing franchise back in 1985. Early on in the refinishing business Steve was approached by a real estate investor who had rental property and asked him if he could "cut out a section of the tub so his tenant could still shower and stay in his property". The E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversion was born that evening.

Commercial and Residential

Our services are excellent for Senior Assisted Living Facilities both large and small, Apartments and even single family homes that are being used for Senior Housing. We have converted several Hall Baths into safe and secure Bathrooms for someone moving in with family so they can still take care of themselves and still have their own space.With our combined experience in the industry we are able to create a solution to almost any access or safety problem. We have done everything from bathtub refinishing to major bathroom renovations. We are extremely creative and TEXT ENDED HERE??

The Team

Nathan Julius
Nathan Julius
Senior Project Manager
Nathan has 11 years of Bathroom Remodeling experience, He was a Franchise Owner and Operator with the system and now Manages the installations and personal for Senior SAFETYPro. He also runs Shower Professionals in Dallas\Fort Worth which is a high end Tile and Frameless Shower Door installation Firm.
Megan Dawn
Megan Dawn
Scheduling Coordinator
Megan has been involved in the Family Business from early on, going to jobsites, home shows and working in the stores after school and on weekends. She is very knowledgeable and experienced with work we do and works hard to accommodate everybody involved including clients and the installation team.
Will Hannan
Will Hannan
Senior Technician
Will has been working with the Firm for 15 years now and has worked in almost every capacity. Back in the day when we employed commissioned sales people Will did a terrific job helping clients get what they need, installer now for 5 plus years he has a handle on all aspects of the projects.
Arthur Dipzinski
Arthur Dipzinski
Future CEO & Chairman of the Board
Arthur has been on board now for a little over 2 years but as CEO in Training he provides motivation and brings tremendous enthusiasm to the business.

Our History

Sherry travels to Atlanta GA with her cousin Karen to a Discovery Day at the headquarters of Surface Doctor, a bathtub and tile refinishing franchise. She likes the opportunity and decides to purchase the franchise. After the 2 week training course they head back to open their new business
While working at a home and garden show Steve is approached by an existing client who has an unusual request. "Steve since you do such a good job on fiberglass repairs could you cut out a section of a bathtub and finish it off so my tenant can get in and out" – Next home show we take our E\Z Step Tub to Shower display and sell 5 Conversions over the weekend!
After the success of adding our E\Z Step's to our project menu we decide to offer complete Tub out Shower in remodels and then the natural addition of Bathroom Remodeling we also decide to add a 2nd location.
We opened our 3rd store in Tucson AZ. Later in 2001 we converted our strategy from Company owned stores to a Franchise System. It is an amazing process to prepare a business to be a franchise operation and it really helps when operating any type of business.
With the Arizona and Nevada operation sold to Franchisees we moved to Texas to centralize the supplies and Franchise end of the business. We later terminated the manufacturing side of the business and just focused on getting better and better on the front end of the business.
After straying away from our E\Z Step Tub to Shower Conversions over the years we decided to go back to the beginning and Focusing on them. We launched our website and began offering the Conversion on a Nationwide basis. Which leads us to 2014 and expanding the focus to Walk in Showers, Walk in Bathtubs, Wheelchair Access Showers and Stair Lifts.